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PowerPoint, Prezi and many more software programs have been created to help us in our presentations. And while there are many ways to master this aspect of your presentation, there is no more powerful a way to do so then having a deep understanding of the PowerPoint Golden Rule. 

The PowerPoint Golden Rule is simply this: PowerPoint is a visual AID. That's it! Its actually that simple! PowerPoint is a visual AID!  In other words, it is there to AID you in your speech. More important, when properly used it will NEVER DISTRACT FROM THE SPEAKER or the message, but rather assist the speaker.


Here are a few other tips that will help you along the way:

1. Remember the Rule of 20/20/20!  NEVER go smaller than 20 font (and that's small), NEVER have more than 20 words on your slide and NEVER let a video clip last longer than 20 seconds.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  Use those instead.

2.  Don't Go Into The Light!  A common beginner's mistake is to present while the projector is projecting on their face!  This is distracting and seen as unprofessional.  Step out of the light and you'll be much more effective

3.  Always Create a Backup!  There are so many ways a computer can go wrong.  Save your speech on the cloud or email it to yourself.  It may come in handy one day

4.  Test Your Technology!  Know the software version on the computer from which you will be presenting.  be sure to save your presentation in that format to ensure compatibility and prepare far enough in advance to test things out.  Often people will download a font for example that doesn't work on the presenting computer and this can lead to disaster.  Test the tech.  

5.  Face Forward!  Too many times people have a PowerPoint presentation and they look at it throughout the presentation.  Know what is on your slides and face us.  Do not turn around to read.  Instead, have the info on index cards and tell us all about it


For any other tip you need to know about PowerPoint, click on the slide show. It's well worth the watch.